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SOMAGO Philippines

Tableya (Premuim Pure Cacao) (可可巧克力)

Tableya (Premuim Pure Cacao) (可可巧克力)

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Bagoong or shrimp paste contains fatty acids which play an important role in preventing stroke, heart disease, arthritis, and non-dependency on insulin for diabetic persons. This fact may be attributed to the presence of essential water-binding solutes such as proteins, peptides, and carbohydrates. The presence of these water-binding solutes lowers the water activity, thus limiting the growth of microbes.
The company is based in Cebu City, Philippines which started since 2011. It produces processed and ready to eat high quality products that satisfy everyone's cravings. The company creates different varieties of products mixed with shrimp paste to enhance its customer's tastes.

200g / 200 公克

巴贡或虾酱含有脂肪酸,对预防中风、心脏病、关节炎和糖尿病患者不依赖胰岛素具有重要作用。 这一事实可能归因于必需的水结合溶质的存在,例如蛋白质、肽和碳水化合物。 这些与水结合的溶质的存在降低了水分活度,从而限制了微生物的生长。

该公司总部位于菲律宾宿雾市,成立于 2011 年。生产加工和即食的高品质产品,满足每个人的需求。 该公司创造了不同品种的虾酱混合产品,以提高客户的口味。

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