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Ginger Brew (Classic) 姜茶

Ginger Brew (Classic) 姜茶

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Bahi (B-ah-hii) is a Filipino word that roots its meaning, from the provinces of
Sorsogon to Mindanao, and due to variation of culture there are differences in
meaning. In Sorsogon, the meaning of Bahi is a strong and sturdy wood, or material that has been made stronger through growth and time.


“Bahi (B-ah-hii) 是一个菲律宾语单词,其含义源于以下省份
意义。 在索索贡语中,Bahi 的意思是坚固而坚固的木材,或通过生长和时间变得更坚固的材料。 ”

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