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Bahaghari Banana Chips 巴哈加里香蕉片

Bahaghari Banana Chips 巴哈加里香蕉片

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Established in 2015. Bahaghari Global Food Inc. is a reputable company that specializes in manufacturing banana chips. Our supply of banana come from the company's own farm. BGFI is committed to quality and safety with every product that you buy from us. Only the best and freshest ingredients go through our meticulous manufacturing process to assure customers of only the finest high quality food items. After all we are here to bring the taste of the Philippines into your homes and into your hearts.

Benefits of Banana Chips
lower blood pressure, a stronger immune system,
improved digestion,
higher energy levels and better mood,
better overall health,
lower risk of chronic diseases

100g / 100 公克

Bahaghari Global Food Inc.成立于2015年,是一家信誉良好的公司,专门生产香蕉片。 我们供应的香蕉来自公司自己的农场。 BGFI 致力于确保您从我们这里购买的每件产品的质量和安全。 只有最好、最新鲜的原料才会经过我们精心的制造过程,以确保客户只获得最优质的食品。 毕竟,我们来这里是为了将菲律宾的味道带入您的家中和您的心中。

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