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The Gray Area (灰色地带)

The Gray Area (灰色地带)

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It represents the behavior of man during his lifetime. Gold represents success, white is the soft side of men, black is the dark side and the gray color is what we call the grey areas of our life. It may be sinful in a way that is not totally sinful。 In short, “Nobody’s Perfect”.
它代表了人一生中的行为。金色代表成功,白色代表男人温柔的一面,黑色代表阴暗的一面,灰色代表我们生活中的灰色地带。从某种程度上来说,它可能是有罪的” 这并不是完全有罪。简而言之,“没有人是完美的”。

Certificate of Authenticity and with the signature of the artist at the back of the
canvas. 真品证书并在作品背面有艺术家签名

27 X 24 inches 英寸


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