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Minty's 3pcs 薄荷糖

Minty's 3pcs 薄荷糖

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Miramar is a company founded to promote health. Its elaborate sweets are designed to increase people's productivity. In addition, these products are carefully packaged to maintain the quality and freshness of each product

Peanuts help prevent diabetes and help prevent the development of gallstones. Peanuts boost memory, it helps prevent depression, aids in weight loss, helps promote skin health, helps reduce stroke risk, and also helps prevent stomach cancer
It plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining normal physiological functions of the body and promoting growth and development. Eating sweets has the functions of supplementing qi and blood, relieving muscle tension and detoxification, and candy can enrich people's life. Adding some sugar to snacks can improve appetite. Prevent collapse: Sugar can quickly replenish energy for the body and prevent the body from collapse. Treat dehydration: Vomiting or diarrhea may lead to dehydration. Drinking a glass of sugar water can restore intestinal function and treat dehydration

3.6g 3.6 公克

Miramar 是一家致力于促进健康的公司。 其精致的糖果旨在提高人们的生产力。 此外,这些产品都经过精心包装,以保持每件产品的质量和新鲜度

花生有助于预防糖尿病,并有助于预防胆结石的形成。 花生可以增强记忆力,有助于预防抑郁症,有助于减肥,有助于促进皮肤健康,有助于降低中风风险,还有助于预防胃癌

对维持机体正常生理功能、促进生长发育具有不可替代的作用。 吃甜食有补气血、舒筋活血、解毒的作用,而且糖果可以丰富人们的生活。 零食中加点糖可以增进食欲。 防止虚脱:糖可以快速为身体补充能量,防止身体虚脱。 治疗脱水:呕吐或腹泻可能导致脱水。 喝一杯糖水可以恢复肠道功能并治疗脱水

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