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SOMAGO Philippines

Madhouse (疯人院)

Madhouse (疯人院)

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This painting is a scene in my neighborhood when I was in my formative years in Sta.Mesa Manila, Philippines. Life was hard during those days and you have to work hard to have a decent house. 这幅画是我在菲律宾马尼拉圣梅萨成长时期的邻居的场景。 那时候生活很艰苦,必须努力工作才能有一套像样的房子。

Certificate of Authenticity and with the signature of the artist at the back of the
canvas. 真品证书并在作品背面有艺术家签名


30 X 22 inches 英寸 (glass wooden frame 将 玻璃木框)

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