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SOMAGO Philippines

Chili Garlic Oil (Extra Spicy) 蒜蓉辣油 (特辣)

Chili Garlic Oil (Extra Spicy) 蒜蓉辣油 (特辣)

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Papa K’s Ventures, OPC is a food manufacturing company! We manufacture, produce, and bottle our own products. With the belief that everyone deserves to have a great meal, Papa K’s is on the mission to introduce and share great tasting flavors that will ultimately #MakeMealsMoreMeaningful Papa K’s Ventures,OPC 是一家食品制造公司! 我们制造、生产和装瓶我们自己的产品。 Papa K's 相信每个人都应该享受一顿美餐,其使命是介绍和分享美味的口味,最终


1. Source of protein 2. Vitamin D benefits 3. Vitamins A, E, K 4. Iron benefits 5. Good for the heart ( 蛋白质来源 , 维生素 D 的益处 , 维生素 A、E、K , 铁的益处 , 对心脏有益)
1. Spicy food has longevity benefits 2. Speeds up metabolism 3. Combat inflammation 4. Fight cancer cells 5. Helps kill bacteria ( 辛辣食物有长寿功效, 加速新陈代谢, 对抗炎症 , 对抗癌细胞 , 帮助杀死细菌)

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