Sen. Mark Villar Welcomes SOMAGO Philippines

Sen. Mark Villar Welcomes SOMAGO Philippines

 As we celebrate a momentous occasion—the 2021 grand launch of SOMAGO Online Shopping! Senator Mark Villar extends his warm greetings to all members and officials of SOMAGO on this remarkable day.

In a world transformed by the pandemic, the online transactions industry has seen significant changes. Consumers are now actively engaged online, exploring various platforms to fulfill their shopping needs.

Senator Villar congratulates CEO Ting Zhou for the visionary step of opening SOMAGO's e-commerce platform. With innovation as its guiding star, SOMAGO promises a unique concept that combines affordability and fun, making it the go-to destination for Filipino consumers seeking quality products at the best prices.

On this journey with SOMAGO, we're confident that it will revolutionize the online shopping industry. The future is bright, and it starts here with SOMAGO. Join us in welcoming this exciting venture! 

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