Sen. JV Ejercito's Take on the E-commerce Industry

Sen. JV Ejercito's Take on the E-commerce Industry


In the wake of unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic, the online shopping landscape in the Philippines has emerged as a beacon of resilience and hope. Senator JV Ejercito recognizes the vital role played by our online sellers and dedicated courier services, deeming them as the unsung heroes of our economic survival.

The series of lockdowns that gripped the nation underscored the undeniable importance of e-commerce. Our online sellers, often small and medium-sized businesses, not only weathered the storm but thrived, contributing significantly to our economic stability during tumultuous times.

As we cautiously step onto the path of recovery, the e-commerce industry remains a linchpin in rebuilding our nation's financial health. Senator JV Ejercito extends a warm welcome to newcomers in this dynamic arena, including SOMAGO Philippines. With open arms, we invite fresh players to join the ranks of those dedicated to reinvigorating our local economy.

SOMAGO's entry into the e-commerce landscape holds the promise of further job creation and economic growth. By championing our homegrown products and fostering a robust online marketplace, SOMAGO aligns with the vision of a stronger, more resilient Philippines.

In Senator JV Ejercito's perspective, the e-commerce industry, coupled with the unwavering spirit of entrepreneurs and innovative platforms like SOMAGO, is a cornerstone in our collective journey towards a brighter economic future. Together, we look forward to a flourishing e-commerce ecosystem that empowers our nation and its people.

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